Thursday, July 19, 2012


successfully Upgraded to DEBIAN WHEEZY(testing) .Its really mind blowing tat wheezy sets my screen resolution to 1024* did none of the linux distros do including BACKTRACK 5 R2...really awsome DESKTOP and nice UI ...have a look at it here..........^^

Before you do a complete DIST-UPGRADE

Before you do a complete "dist-upgrade" I recommend to upgrade
some essential packages:

  1.  apt-get install debian-keyring debian-archive-keyring   
  2. apt-get install apt apt-utils dpkg aptitude   
  3. apt-get -u install libc6 base-files lsb-base   
  4. apt-get -u install perl perl-base perl-modules bash
  5. apt-get autoremove
  6. apt-get -u install grub-pc #(or lilo)
  7. apt-get -u install linux-base linux-image-3.2.0-3-amd64
      #(or similar kernel package)
 After rebooting you computer you can start:

  #apt-get dist-upgrade


Hi friends!i am on my way to help DEBIAN.Here i am describing the process of upgrading from SQUEEZE to WHEEZY.First of all you   should have DEBIAN SQUEEZE running on your PC to do this upgrade.
You may have third party softwares   installed on your debian,better to remove them for a safe UPGRADE.update your /apt/sources.list   in the following way:
  • replace the word "squeeze" with the word "testing" or "wheezy" .
  • it is just enough to have your mirror(with replaced word as told in step.1)  to perform UPGRADE
  • i am pasting my sources.list here: 
  • ############################
    # Testing US mirror:
    deb testing main contrib non-free
    #deb-src testing main contrib non-free

    # Testing Security Updates
    deb testing/updates main contrib non-free

    #Testing Proposed Updates
    deb testing-proposed-updates main contrib non-free

    ## Multimedia ##
    # Marillat For info visit
    deb testing main non-free
  • ############################
Then try to run   this command #apt-get update
If you have any  public key errors refer this:

  1. Then run this command  to simulate the upgrade   #apt-get -s dist-upgrade
  2. Next download all the packages for the upgrade:  
  3. #apt-get --download-only    dist-upgrade
  4. then finally reboot your PC and enter in to restore mode
  5. then perform dist UPGRADE using command #apt-get dist-upgrade
if you have any problems in the above please refer this 
or mail me.


HI FRIENDS,  it is not easy as we are thinking(to be a DD).We have to learn every thing from the scrach.We can not be a Debian Developer OVER NIGHT and Here are some steps/There is a hierarchy to be followed.
1.package maintainer(starting level)
2.Debian Maintainer(DM)
3.Debian Developer(DD)
 To reach first stage  first we should be in sync with debian groups.For that
  • we should  subscribe to debian mailing lists to know what's happening in DEBIAN DEVELOPMENT.
  • we  should form a group to develop any package since you  alone can not develop a huge module.
  • you might have testing/unstable version running on your PC to test  bugs
  • Better to register with debian forums: it may  help you in configuring DEbian on your PCs
For further details read this

Monday, July 16, 2012

how to extract .DAA files using POWERISO

hi!i have downloaded linux tutorials from torrentz site and one of the download is in .daa format.I have downloaded  powerISO to extract files.Here is  istructions for just how to do it!

  1. downloaded  poweriso-1.3.tar.gz 
  2. extract it using command  tar -zxvf poweriso-1.2.tar.gz
  3. then u'll see a  poweriso file in  current DIRECTORY
its just a command line tool,don try to open it as u'll see nothing with that

  1. ./poweriso convert image.daa -o image.iso -ot iso
Then   just use   extractor    to extract all files from your ISO file

iceweasel crashes and system hangs frequently

I have installed debian sqeeze 6.0.5 on my HDD. My system configuration is 40GB HD,1GB RAM,CELERON 2.* GIGHZ (R) processor.
The problem is either iceweasel crashes for every 10 minutes or system hangs where i couldn't do any thing than rebooting my PC.Some times blank screen appears with an error message :modem respawning too fast disabling it for 5 minutes.
2) tried:mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bak
3)run  iceweasel in terminal but it left a single line "segmentation fault" 

i tried the following:
1)i upgraded iceweasel to release version

but  still i  used to have same error but  finally's HARDWARE Problem , my DEBIAN can do nothing for it.One friend in FORUMS told that it might be my RAM FAULT and suggested me to use Memtest86++ .After this i found the RAM that have errors and removed it.Eenevery thing is going well now!

HOW TO INSTALL SYNAPTIC:  to do this just type in terminal
                #apt-get install synaptic

     Hello try to install it from above link using synaptic or aptitude:In synaptic package manager just type memtest86++ and mark for installation.Then it'll install automatically.

          just reboot your PC and then in boot menu  you'll find memtest86++,just highlight it and hit ENTER.If you find any error,thats it.Then go to Manufacturer  to REPLACE it or to buy a NEW one!:D

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


hi all, i have installed debian sqeeze on my HDD.I want to  share  my experience as a LINUX  NEWBIE through this blog.............^^