Thursday, July 19, 2012


HI FRIENDS,  it is not easy as we are thinking(to be a DD).We have to learn every thing from the scrach.We can not be a Debian Developer OVER NIGHT and Here are some steps/There is a hierarchy to be followed.
1.package maintainer(starting level)
2.Debian Maintainer(DM)
3.Debian Developer(DD)
 To reach first stage  first we should be in sync with debian groups.For that
  • we should  subscribe to debian mailing lists to know what's happening in DEBIAN DEVELOPMENT.
  • we  should form a group to develop any package since you  alone can not develop a huge module.
  • you might have testing/unstable version running on your PC to test  bugs
  • Better to register with debian forums: it may  help you in configuring DEbian on your PCs
For further details read this

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