Monday, July 16, 2012

iceweasel crashes and system hangs frequently

I have installed debian sqeeze 6.0.5 on my HDD. My system configuration is 40GB HD,1GB RAM,CELERON 2.* GIGHZ (R) processor.
The problem is either iceweasel crashes for every 10 minutes or system hangs where i couldn't do any thing than rebooting my PC.Some times blank screen appears with an error message :modem respawning too fast disabling it for 5 minutes.
2) tried:mv ~/.mozilla ~/.mozilla.bak
3)run  iceweasel in terminal but it left a single line "segmentation fault" 

i tried the following:
1)i upgraded iceweasel to release version

but  still i  used to have same error but  finally's HARDWARE Problem , my DEBIAN can do nothing for it.One friend in FORUMS told that it might be my RAM FAULT and suggested me to use Memtest86++ .After this i found the RAM that have errors and removed it.Eenevery thing is going well now!

HOW TO INSTALL SYNAPTIC:  to do this just type in terminal
                #apt-get install synaptic

     Hello try to install it from above link using synaptic or aptitude:In synaptic package manager just type memtest86++ and mark for installation.Then it'll install automatically.

          just reboot your PC and then in boot menu  you'll find memtest86++,just highlight it and hit ENTER.If you find any error,thats it.Then go to Manufacturer  to REPLACE it or to buy a NEW one!:D

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